If you’re like me, our animals are a big part of our family. Each one is unique with their own personality and their health and well-being is always a main priority. Because of this close relationship there might be times when you know something is off or just doesn’t seem right with your pet. Is there something going on that keeps you awake at night wondering how you can help them and what is going on? Here are some signs you might notice in your animal where you would like to get some insight through animal communication.

Sudden health or behavioral changes such as
       – Fearful with loud noises
       – Wandering away from home
       – Suddenly fighting with another dog in the home
       – Lack of appetite
       – Sadness/Depressed
       – Lameness that hasn’t seemed to be resolved after all veterinary care was exhausted.
       – Environmental changes
       – Anxiety
       – To comfort the bereaved animal left behind after an animal sibling has died.