Massage Therapy does wonders for horses, releasing tension and allowing for improved muscle function. Massage Therapy can be an invaluable asset to your horse’s overall health and can help them feel and perform better!

No horse is too young or old to massage. Whether your horse is in training, recovering from an injury, performing in shows, working on your ranch, or a retired senior, all horses can benefit from Massage Therapy.

By releasing tightness and tension, your horse’s muscles become more flexible and easier to use. The horse also becomes more at ease, allowing them to move with less difficulty.

If your equine companion is displaying any of these symptoms they would benefit from massage.

  • Head Tossing
  • Displays of resistance or unhappiness
  • Various attitude problems
  • Pinning Ears
  • Stall Kicking
  • Resistance to lead changes
  • Cranky when getting brushed
  • Back or saddle issues
  • Problems bending and collection
  • Bucking
  • Pawing

You may think that your horse is “difficult” or that they might just have a grumpy personality. But often times these traits can be helped through Massage Therapy!