Massage Therapy does wonders for dogs releasing tension and allowing for improved muscle function. Massage Therapy can be an invaluable asset to your dogs overall health and can help them feel and perform better!

By releasing tightness and tension in the muscles of your dog, massage therapy can help them to become more flexible and allow the body to move with less difficulty. Benefits of canine massage can include relieving pain, increase circulation, enhance mobility, stretches muscles helping to prevent injury, and helps in injury recovery.

Some of the most common signs are:

  1. Trouble getting up and down the stairs.
  2. Elderly dogs having a hard time getting up from a laying position
  3. Head Tossing
  4. Displays of resistance or unhappiness
  5. Various attitude problems
  6. Your dog seems really stiff and doesn’t want to play like he used to.
  7. Moving slower and/or walking with a limp
  8. Puppy sitting or sitting at an awkward angle
  9. Decreased performance in sports animals

You may think that your dog is being difficult or that they seem to be grumpy lately but often times these traits can be helped through Massage Therapy.