Gretchen Heath is a lifelong Equine enthusiast and animal lover. Knowing that our fur companions are a reflection of our soul, she uses her innate telepathic skills to communicate and send them healing for optimum performance, balance and overall better health.

Gretchen holds certifications in Equine and Canine sports massage therapy, Reiki level 2 practitioner, Animal Energy Healing and Communication. She offers her services in person or distantly and her animal communication is open to all animals.

When opening a heart to heart connection with your animal companion, Gretchen receives messages from the divine and personal messages from your animal which she will relay to you. Her communication with your animal can bring forth simple funny messages to deeper connections about their behaviors, health, past life connections, and sometimes even receiving messages from other loved ones who have passed on from this earthly plane. Through an array of communication and energy healing modalities, Gretchen is able to balance the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy fields of your animal companion bringing optimum health, confidence, peace, and love.

From the moment you make an appointment with Gretchen you will feel a sense of peace knowing you will soon learn so much more about your animal companion. It’s Gretchen’s mission to have you leave the session with a greater understanding and grow closer in the bond and love the both of you share.

Gretchen Heath is an animal intuitive combining animal communication and energy healing bringing forth optimum balance to you and your animal companion.